Mr Ibu’s Daughter, Jasmine Okafor Ends Tie With Husband

As seen today on her instastory, Jasmine announced that she is filing a divorce barely one year after wedding her husband who she met over the internet.

she said ”my marriage was so beautiful, and full of love, my husband literally worshipped me! I don’t know if anyone is going to love me the way he did! But this one lie I can’t forgive! I have filed a divorce today! I found out today that he has 3 grown up girls! 3? Never told me he was married and divorced! yes he is divorced, but still doesn’t change anything! I married a single loving husband! I won’t settle for less! I love him so much! I appreciate all the love you showed me! you showed me a different version of love! I appreciate but I can’t settle for a tiny lie!I can’t forget! I won’t forgive! I don’t owe anyone explanation! Don’t ever lie about your age for any reason! love you MD”

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